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One day, Akuanduba lost his last drop of patience... Angry, he broke the shell of the sky and with every drop that touched it, the crack increased. We could feel the fate that awaited us at the grasps of evil spirits with each drop.

I used to say that Thunderstorm was a curse. That our greed really brought us to an end...

But now... Now I realize clearly that He has stolen from us our greatest connection to each other. I have never felt so connected to my tribe as I do now... Because now, now everyone is free to go their own way.

Made by:
André Amaro (@Andeidara)      - Level Designer
Andrée Burlamaqui (@umdree_)     - Programmer and Tech Artist
Cody Woods (@cody_woods_)   - Soundtrack Composer
Daniel Bertolucci (facebook.com/RedDotDubbing) - Voice Acting
Lucca de Souza (@luccadesouzart)   - 2D Artist and Animator
José Victor Dias (@Zoldyako)        - 2D Concept Artist and 2D Environment
Júlia Rosa (upwork.com/o/profiles/users/~01cd041fc9ea820a53) - Localization PT-BR to ENG-US


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